Powerbuilding Bodybuilding

Powerbuilding Bodybuilding: 5 Ways to Get Big and Strong

Our body is an adaptable organism that can easily battle the variation and pressure on it while bodybuilding. But unfortunately, lifting the loads for a general weight scheme doesn’t help to increase much.

Instead, the body understands it and thus stop growing the muscles eventually. However, rising the weight slowly every week is also stressful for the body to adjust gradually.

That’s why power bodybuilding is exceptionally useful compared to other bodybuilding at increasing size and power. These help to increase the weight and muscle gradually every week without stressing the body too much. So let’s know more about it.

What is Power Bodybuilding?

The main aim of this bodybuilding is to increase muscle and power while at the same time enhancing the body form. This bodybuilding consists of 3 power lifts:

  • Squats: It is done for increasing the strength in the leg
  • Deadlifts: It is done to increase the strength in the back.
  • Bench press: It is done to increase the strength in the chest.

However, to gain strength through this bodybuilding method, you need to follow an exact diet plan to get enough nutrition.

Now, let us know about the creator of the bodybuilding format along with a 12 weeks exercise plan:

Who is the creator?

The creator of this bodybuilding is Mike O’hearn. He is a worldwide admired fitness figure with more than 500 covers printed under his name.

Moreover, along with an attractive outlook, he also has unbelievable power. He is 6 feet 3 inches in height and 250 lbs and has about only 4 percentage of body fat. It makes him larger and thinner than past Olympia champions.

Below is his lifting status:

  • 370 kg squat: It is almost 3.3 times than average bodyweight.
  • 230 kg bench press: It is almost 2 times than average bodyweight.
  • 345 kg deadlift: It is almost 3 times than average bodyweight.

Whenever anyone asks Mike to say something about how he does it, he always says everyone should excuse him for thinking as a superhero at first. Because he is also an ordinary person like us who have gained it after working for many years continuously in the gym.

There is no magic in it as he has too earned it after working hard for years. And still, he does it to maintain this form as there is no other way of achieving it.

Mike O’hearn Power Bodybuilding

Mike o’hearn bodybuilding is the practice to train, depending on the weighty compound activities. At first, it includes the 3 basics of this bodybuilding the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Next is the superhuman lifts, in which you have to lift as much as weighty things you can. That is, in these activities, you need to force yourself to the extreme point.  After doing all the previous exercises, the next one is the hypertrophy packs and load ranges for other workouts through a 5-day exercise split.

If you can do all the exercises accurately, then it is confirmed that you will be mightier, fuller, and more powerful than before. Below is the training split of exercise distribution in short based on days and weeks from which you can take an idea:

Exercise distribution based on days:

Chest exercise: Monday

Leg exercise: Tuesday

Shoulder exercise: Wednesday

Arm exercise: Thursday

Back exercise: Friday

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

3 Basic lifts: Bench, Squat, Deadlift distribution based on weeks:

  • 1-4 weeks: 5 packs of 4 loads.
  • 5-8 weeks: 5 packs of 3 loads.
  • 9-12 weeks: 5 packs of 2 loads.

Mike Ohearn’s 12 week Power Bodybuilding

You need to work out for 12 weeks if you want to increase your muscle and power using this method. Although the whole process completes after 12 weeks, that doesn’t mean that you have to do different activities.

Instead, you have to do the required exercises alternately based on the day’s distribution. For your convenience, we have given an example of a week based on Mike Ohearn’s instructions that you can follow for the whole process:

Chest exercise: Monday

Level bench press:  you have to 1-3 exercises sets(5 packs of 4 loads)

Rise bench press: 5 packs of 10 loads.

Rise fly: 3 packs of 8 loads.

Leg exercise: Tuesday

Squats: 1-3 exercises sets(5 packs of 4 loads)

Leg force: 5 packs of 10 loads.

Leg stretching: 3 packs of 8 loads.

Calf force: 3 packs of loads to how much you can lift.

Shoulder exercise: Wednesday

Vertical/ Stand-Up Armed Press: 4 packs of 6-8 loads.

Barbell straight row: 3 packs of 8-10 loads.

Horizontal Rise: 4 packs of 8-10 loads.

Rise Bench deltoid fly: 4 packs of 8-10 loads.

Arm exercise: Thursday

Adjacent grasp bench press: 4 packs of 6-8 loads.

Barbell bicep bend: 4 packs of 6-8 loads.

Seated slope: 3 packs of 10 loads.

Hammer bend: 3 packs of 10 loads.

Rope tricep extension: 3 packs of 10 loads.

Preacher twist: 3 packs of 10 loads.

Back exercise: Friday

Deadlifts: 5 packs of 4 loads.

Barbell rows: 5 packs of 10 loads.

Extensive grasp lat pulldown: 3 packs of 8 loads.

Furthermore, he suggested additional 30 minutes of cardio and abs along with the workouts of your choice. The main point to remember is that you have to gradually be constant and stable to increase your muscle and weight gradually.

You need to force yourself to increase more weight and muscle every week based on these central lifts. And also have to be regular with your hypertrophy activities.

Doing these exercises requires a lot of energy, so it is normal to feel weak or pain in the body parts after doing this. But after some time, it will be suited to the body, and you will not feel pain anymore.

However, if you feel muscular imbalances, then do the hypertrophy workouts to stress those muscle parts. Such as shift leg extensions with a hamstring dedicated movement etc.

Lastly, please make sure that you eat sufficient food before doing this bodybuilding 12-week plan. As for each weighty session, you will feel that you have no more energy while walking out of the gym.

A piece of advice is to make you feel better is that if you feel no change, then don’t feel disheartened. Instead, feel happy as it means that you have given your best.

But if you don’t eat sufficient nutritious food and rest properly, you will find it difficult to recover. Moreover, you will not be able to increase your weight and muscle. Hence, take enough nutritious food and do the workouts regularly.


Power bodybuilding is an effective method of increasing muscle and strength if done properly and regularly. However, at first, it may seem very hard. But after some time, it will seem easy as it will adjust to your body gradually.

Again after seeing the transformations with each passing week, you will understand that it was worth your time and effort. Lastly, stay healthy and safe.