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How to Apply for a Weight Loss Grant: Everything You Need to Know

Weight loss grants are very beneficial for people who are overweight. In fact, it is a dream come true for them as along with losing weight, they can get an allowance for it.

One can get a grant of 80% abiding with all of their rules for losing the estimated weight. Moreover, you get to select how much weight you want to lessen and the time that you may think you can gain it.

There is no pressure on you by the program to lose this much weight within this time. But, you will only get refunded when you fulfill your weight loss aims along with being obedient to every condition of the grant.

In the following part of the article, we will talk briefly about the whole process of weight loss grants in Canada. Keep Reading.

Weight Loss Grants

Along with looking good, losing weight is essential for the betterment of your health. But, we see many people fail to lose their weight as they lack the required motivation to do it. This program is perfect for these types of people as it inspires one to lose weight.

So, let us now know about the applying procedure of this allowance so that you can successfully apply:

Applying procedure

The application procedure for the allowance is easy and can be done both online and on mobile. As you can speak with an actual person on mobile, it is more relaxed to apply for the allowance than several people think. Therefore, if you are prepared to appeal for the grant, then follow the below stated phases:

Phase 1

It is the first step of applying for a grant. So, at first, the thing you need to do is: visit their official website for the grant application to fill the form given by them for appeal.

It is a normal form that wants to know your contact details like your name, address, and mobile number. Here, you don’t need to give any information regarding your fitness or body weight.

Phase 2

In the next step, you need to check your e-mail for further information. Like it will send you a confirmation message when you sign up. So, after signing up, you must check for the confirmation message.

Because if by chance any such message doesn’t come, then it means there may have been some mistakes in filling your application form. So, check it properly.

Phase 3

In this step, you need to provide details about your weight and fitness.  Moreover, the worker will query if you require a recommendation for a weight loss strategy or require an appointment for one. The plus point of this step is to ask any questions that you want to know from them.

Besides, you can know more about the weight loss allowance package in Canada by talking on the phone. Thus you can clear all your doubts regarding the procedure of applying personally via the telephone.

Evaluation method

After submitting your appeal for the allowance, it will directly go into the evaluation. This process can take many days for the assessment to be finished.

After their assessment is over, they will give you a call to inform you if you have been accepted or not. If you are accepted, you will get login authorization to access your Candidate Portal. Moreover, you will also get a package consisting of the following things;

  • Cover letter verifying your authorization to the allowance.
  • A qualified funding official document.
  • Contact details funding the health center where you need to weight-in.
  • Weight statement documents that you will require to have sign up by the physician or nurse who helps in your weigh-in.

Amount The Allowance Cover

The allowance will recompensate about 80 percentage of the total expense of your weight loss package.  And the highest amount is $2500.


You will get the grant successfully only when you lose weight within your estimated time and abide by all of their rules and conditions.

Instructions of The Program

The weight loss program is applicable for everyone residing in Canada. There is no fee for applying for the allowance. Moreover, there is no need for a particular weight loss agendas or businesses that you need to use.

It is functioned by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group. These suppliers are non-compulsory and are typically authorized by the governing body of health.

For which, several people decide to take benefit from it. However, applicants also have the freedom to choose their providers if they want to. But for that, they need to inform you about the weight loss program.

Does The Allowance Encourage Weight Loss?

The allowance is efficient with people who have attempted it. Though it cannot bodily assist you in losing your weight, it can definitely inspire you to work hard. You must remember that you will only get compensated if you finish the total package.

Hence, if you want to get your 80% refund, you must ensure that you lose weight. As otherwise, you will not get any refund.

Several people have shared their successful weight loss stories on the weight loss allowance Canadian site. So, you must keep in mind if they can, why not you. It is for your betterment, along with getting your body to shape, you are getting refunded for it.

Reason for Getting The Allowance Denied

There are some things for which your allowance can get denied. But if you get disqualified for any reason, then you can apply for it again with new information.

But if you get disqualified due to safety purposes of your chosen program. Then you require to try again with a new one. Following the program rules, there are some specific causes for which one may be disqualified:

  • Your technique of losing weight is considered hazardous or risky.
  • Your technique of losing weight consists of complete or partial operation.
  • You didn’t follow the rules with the program instructions, clause, and conditions.
  • Tried to deceive or exploit the program.
  • Your appeal was not legible or may have missed vital facts.
  • Your aim of losing weight is unconvincing or irrelevant.
  • You didn’t join the weigh-in and also didn’t show any concern regarding your weight analysis documents.

Some Food and Weight Loss Guidelines

Several people think of the best weight loss program in helping them meet their aim. Hence, if you are partaking in the program and looking for guidelines that can assist you in meeting your goal in time, you can then follow the below guidelines:

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can assist a lot in losing weight. Several people consider that they need to deprive themselves of tasty food to lose some weight. But it is a wrong concept as by losing weight your body will get in good shape.

By thinking about the outcomes, you can understand what you must do. You have to avoid eating oily and sugary foods. In contrast, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. These types of modifications can have a massive influence on your fitness and can help you lose weight.


For losing weight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose weight by joining a gym. In fact, you can lose weight by doing the right and sufficient workout at your house.

Walking daily, swimming, or riding a cycle is also some distinctive forms of exercise. It helps both in saving money and losing weight. These workouts are entertaining, and at the same time, you can also do them regularly.

Sufficient Sleep

Most people don’t understand the importance of sleep. Sound sleep has a significant role in sound health and mind. If you are not getting sufficient sleep, you will not even have the energy to exercise.

Moreover, you will see that your eating habit increases with your desire to eat junk foods due to insufficient sleep. Hence, try to get sleep of at least 8 hours at night to function correctly throughout the day.


I hope this article helped you to know about the weight loss grants in Canada. Although this cannot physically help you reduce weight, it can certainly encourage you to do it.

In fact, it is like a golden opportunity that you must not miss. Hence, keep trying until you lose weight without wasting further time to get a good body and an allowance as a reward.