FAQ- Buy Steroids Canada

How long will it take to receive my order?

1-3 business days in Canada. You will receive a tracking number once you place your order. You can select your shipping inside of the online cart during the purchase process.

How do I make payment?

There is 1 way to make payment. Once you place your order inside the shopping cart we will email you with the exact details for the method of payment that you have chosen.
1. Email Money Transfer (EMT)

How do I know I will receive the products that I order?

We are an authorized dealer of Newport Pharmaceutical products.  If you feel unsure about making a purchase we recommend to order one bottle to test us out. We here at Newport Pharma put our customers 1st. We provide tracking after payment so both parties can track the parcel.

Do you provide advice?

Yes!  Providing advice and helping our customers is part of our service.  Here at Newport Pharma, we want you as our customer to be satisfied with our products so helping you achieve your goals is important to us.

Are you selling quality steroids?

As an authorized dealer of Newport Pharmaceuticals you are guaranteed to be receiving quality products. Newport pharmaceuticals is an innovative laboratory and professionals that guarantee products of the highest quality. We only sell original products that is authentic.